The objective for setting up the Workstation is to permit qualified researchers optimum use of anonymized micro-data from census for in-depth research by allowing access for generating cross-tabulations not published by the Census. The facility is open to all including those who are not enrolled or part of the University.
Such research would not only allow greater utilization of data by way of generating cross-tabulations from confidential micro-data not otherwise possible by using aggregate level data available in public domain. An in-depth study might also contribute towards improving the methodology of data collection during census as well as identify strengths and weaknesses of the micro-data
Each set of observations arrived at the data centre after research would be the end result of decision rules covering definitions, classifications, coding procedures, processing, editing, etc. The validity and consequences of all these decision rules only become evident when the ORGI's micro-databases would be tested in the course of analysis. Exposing to the light of research the conceptual and processing assumptions that are embedded in the census micro-databases constitute an important element in improving the quality of data.